It’s all about the fitting!

It has been said, “Clothes maketh the man…” (or women!); although this is true in part we believe it’s the fit that completes the desired look.

Well fitting garments yield many benefits including high levels of comfort, a superior look and will help to prolong the life of your favourite clothing. You will feel more confident not only because you look good but because your garments will not reveal parts of you that you don’t want to show!

Have you every wondered why the rich and famous always look good?
Or why that celebrity you admire always looks slim and elegant?

Admittedly they probably spend more on their wardrobe than the rest of us earn a month but the defining factor is that they will have their garments fitted to their own unique shape by a professional seamstress, dressmaker or tailor.

White Orchid provides this clothing customisation service to all its customers for a fraction of the price that the celebrities are paying, allowing you the unenviable feeling of that prefect fit. From a sale pair of jeans to a designer wedding gown the same level of care, eye for quality and professionalism is applied to all fittings to ensure that your are completely satisfied with the end result.

Tips for Ladies when you come to your fitting…

Bride-being-fittedIn order to ensure that you get the best possible fit there are a few things you need to remember before you come in for your fitting.

All garments, but especially bridal wear, prom dresses and evening gowns rely on a good foundation and in this case your underwear is an essential part of the ultimate look. So make sure you remember to bring with you to the fitting the underwear you will be wearing on the day.

Shoes, shoes, shoes…also an essential items for your fitting, without the correct pair (or ones with a very similar heel and sole height) then the correct hem length cannot be guaranteed. It’s also worth remembering that the choice of heel height effects the visual line of your leg and especially your calf muscle.


Tips for Gentlemen when you come to your fitting…

Of course a gentleman’s underwear is not an essential foundation garment for a suit to fit well, however it is equally important that the following guidelines are taken into consideration.

Ensure that you are wearing a suitable shirt when having a jacket fitted; it’s no good if you turn up in a jumper or sweatshirt and then expect your jacket to fit correctly. Also try to make sure that the shirt sleeve length is right for you, only a small amount should protrude from your jacket sleeve, just enough to show off your diamond cuff-links…shirt sleeves can be adjusted to ensure that ultimate look of course!

The shoes should determine trouser length; ideally the trouser front should just break upon the apron of the shoe. Although the width of the trouser leg (wide, straight or boot-cut) and personal preference will always be taken into to account.

The right fit...